Get Ahead of the Trend: Summer 2023 Fashion


If there’s anything we’ve learned from spring 2023 fashion, it’s that the 90s are back. Girls with low-waisted jeans are walking the streets, and tiny purses can be seen at offices around the country.

Whether you’re looking to pull out your tiny tank for the summer, or you’re more on the modest side of fashion, it doesn’t mean you can’t look your best and stay on trend this season.

While a lot of the 90s was about tiny clothes, big pieces have also made a massive comeback. Want to know how?

We have the inside scoop on summer fashion trends for you.

Simple Top, Fun Pants

Whether you’re a 20-year-old looking for a night-out ‘fit, or you’re a mom looking to spruce up her wardrobe, it’s pretty simple to enjoy this specific trend.

2023 has been all about a simple, fitted top paired with a fun, larger pant.

For something a little more out there, you can go with a wide-legged, checkered print. It adds a lot of dimension and interest in the pattern, so pairing it with a black, white, or other solid-colored top helps keep the pant as the focal point. 

Another great option is going for a bold solid color also in a wide leg. This one is a little more workplace friendly for office women. It’s still very fun, but having a solid color versus a pattern helps keep things more subdued and professional. With this option, you can stick to a black or white top, or you can color block with a different solid color.

Go Hard with Cargo

A massive trend that hit the runways this spring is all things cargo. Whether we’re talking pants, jackets, skirts—you name it—cargo is making a massive comeback.

Is it for functionality? Maybe! But one of the biggest appeals about cargo is that all the pockets and drawstrings add so much texture that the rest of the outfit can be very simple.

Pairing cargo pants with a solid-colored shirt is a great option for lounging at home or going on a walk. To be more office-friendly, if you throw a solid t-shirt on with a blazer and maybe some heels, you elevate the pants to a more professional setting.

Cargo skirts, on the other hand, can feel a little trickier. Because of how much bulk they carry, they can be especially intimidating for how to style them.

Here’s the tip: Don’t overthink it! If you throw on a simple sweater, your whole outfit is together, and it’ll look incredible.

With the skirt, you can also have a little more fun with colors and patterns on the top half of your body. A cargo skirt really creates a blank canvas, so pairing it with a graphic tee, cropped t-shirt, or striped top makes the option a lot more fun.

Monochromatic Looks

Matching sets are the biggest rage of 2023, if not just for the simplicity of picking an outfit.

If you pull together an all-blue outfit—shirt, pants, shoes, socks, etc.—you can wear this to the office and not stick out like a sore thumb if you go to grab drinks after work. It looks like you put a lot of thought into what you were wearing when in reality, you just matched.

And if you want to hit two birds with one stone, you can combine the linen trend with the monochromatic looks by wearing a linen button-down with matching linen shorts. If you button the shirt and tuck them into the shorts, wear a pair of heels, and wear a shoulder bag, you have an office look ready to go.

But after 5 p.m., when you’re ready to get your weekend started, you can untuck the shirt and ties the two sides together, making it more into a cropped shirt moment. Tres chic!  

Sweetly Sheer

Hearing the word “sheer” can trigger a lot of people’s fight or flight responses, but don’t worry. You can actually wear sheer and make it still look very mature!

One of the easiest ways to wear sheer and not feel naked is to wear it under something. If you throw on a sheer short-sleeved shirt under a dress, you just add an element of layering and texture that is pretty timeliness. You can even throw a blazer over top, so the only sheer part showing is above your chest and below your collarbone. This helps add a pop of color or a textural element that vamps your outfit to the next level.

For those who are on the more daring side, you can throw on a sheer top with a dark or colorful bra underneath for a pop of interest. While this look may not be for everyone, it’s a great option for summer concerts, BBQs, pool parties, etc., to help you not overheat under the summer sun while still looking awesome. It’s cool—squared!  

We hope there’s something on this trends list that speaks to you! Remember: Fashion is all about having fun. You never have to fit into any box! Make the trend work for you, and you will simply work it.

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