The Top 5 ‘IT’ Colours For 2023

Each year brings about a fabulous new palette of trending colours. Influencers, fashion icons and celebrities will already be dawning 2023’s ‘IT’ tones, spotting them on red carpets, fashion covers, runaways and social media. This year will have us sporting eye-adjusting vibrant tones as well as more earthy, natural hues encouraged by the rise of sustainability and the desire for an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

To get you ahead of the game, we’ve listed the top 5 colours you need and can incorporate into your daily closet. From vivid red to calm greens, there is a colour for those that don’t shy away from the whole rainbow and those who are dipping their toes into bolder tones.

Lustful Red

Setting off on a high, a bold tone set to be injected into our closets and across social media is a rich, primary red tone. Gone are the days of wine and burgundy hues as Spring and Summer sees us reaching for vibrant red pieces that stand out. A true red which neither swing blue nor pink toned, the red will suit many skin tones. Already spotted on runways as top to toe all red looks, be brave and go all daring in all red or gently ease into the dangerous life with a statement red coat or a simple top or jumper.

Sweet Apricot

If you want to be really ahead of the crowd, then get yourself in 2024’s colour of the year. As the year goes on, we’ll be seeing warm-toned oranges with an influence of pastel hit the stores and online. A colour more suited to those who shy away from bold oranges, this colour will become a new addition to the updated neutral palette. Offering an injection of subtle colour into the ordinary closet, it will be a versatile tone that can be featured in multiple pieces, from blazers, tops and dresses.

Violet Dreams

More popularly known as ‘Digital Lavender’, this colour has already been seen across social media platforms, with our favourite influences sporting the violet hue. An unapologetic nod to Spring and Summer, it’s only set to pollinate our closets. Its femininity can be emphasised through ruffles and tiered silhouettes or take the cool girl route with simple lines.


Decadent Moss

A visual representation of the consumers' desire for a greener lifestyle, we’ll be seeing earthy green tones replicating nature's best greens. From luxurious lime tones to rich olives, this new take on the green will be that must-need elevated tone that we can all wear. Spotted on silk pieces as well as simple trousers, you’ll be able to take this tone from day to night.


Viva Magenta

We cannot forget these years must have colour. Already enveloping runways, campaigns, and more, this wonderfully sickly pink has been adopted by the masses. Worn by both men and women, this vibrant pink draws back onto lava lamp memories mixed with Barbie on steroids. Whether it’s a head-to-toe Magenta look or a pop from shoes or accessories, it’s a colour you’ll be mad if you missed.


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